Behind the scenes.A new feature for subscribers of a self reliant life.

Hi all.I have created a new project over at my other site a self reliant life. Please take a moment and follow the link over to see what its all about.I will be showing a behind the scenes tour of how my wife and I became self reliant in our 40’s so we never had jobs again .I will also show you how we became debt free and spend over half the year traveling and pursuing our interest and just how little it takes.Here is the link.

Portable power plant Great new product you can build yourself!

Hi all ,I have a link to a product for everyone here.The portable power plant. Do it yourself DVD how to build a portable power plant. Everything you need to wire up a breaker panel for 50 amps of service some outlets and a light with a switch. Plug it in anywhere to power your tiny home ,shelter,trailer,RV,cabin,Van and more . Emergency power for lights ,heat, ac,cooking,hot water,charge and power your devices. Comfort for you and your loved ones.Check it out.