it’s all in your head….

Mindset ….we can really over come any problems if we first over come them in our minds.Chooseing where we are in life is the first step in achieving our goals it is very powerful to take responsiblity yourself. You  now have the power to change your circumstances when you take charge of you.Some people live poor others live simple .One of the main differences between the two is choice or mindset .Choose where you are and you will be more content, then decide to change your circumstance if you wish.If you have a flat tire choose it ,it is what it is.Resisting it makes it worse.

Choose to live outside the consumer culture in our society and live with less, simple minimal lifestyle that lets you have more of our most precious commodity of all TIME . We only have so much time we can sell it and give it away but we can’t buy it back.Spend it wisely on experiences it’s the best use of your time.Don’t waste it on material things they don’t last, but memory’s do.Less things equals more time.More time equals more freedom.What can you do to live a more simple minimal life and opt out of the consumer drivin culture we live in…..?:)

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