The one hundred gallon challenge . Only One hundred gallons for one week. Can you do it ?

Water, one of the most precious life-giving elements on the planet yet people are pissing it down the toilet , literally. I have taken this elemental necessity for granted to long. For years I have never questioned the availability of water. Why should I ? any time I want to I can just walk over and turn on the faucet or flush the toilet or take a nice long hot shower … but should I ? Just because I have the ability does it mean I have the right? I’m not going to bore you with the statistics of how many people on this planet don’t have access to clean drinking water or how many adults and children die every day because of the lack of it you can Google it . It’s shocking and depressing and preventable.

 I am however going to challenge you to see if you can live for one week using only one hundred gallons . Yes that’s right one hundred gallons for all your needs. Drinking,bathing,cleaning,cooking can you do it ? Oh and using the toilet to . Are you up for the challenge ? My wife and I can and that’s one hundred gallons shared !

Now I don’t want to set you up for failure so let me help by sharing some of our tactics for success. First off just the fact that you will be more conscious of a limited amount of water will help. We don’t need to shower necessarily every day but when you do use a low flow head and get wet shut it off and soap up then rinse and get out . or try a camping shower bag 2 people can get clean on 5 gallons or less. I pee out side . That should start a buzz ! not every one can or will but it’s an option😉 however you don’t need to flush every time either. You can displace some water in the toilet tank with a jug or bottle to lessen the use.

Wear your clothes more than one day . Most people don’t need to get clean clothes on every day lower the laundry water use. Don’t just leave the water running. Maybe this is obvious but be mindful of this when washing hands, brushing teeth, doing dishes ect…   

This can be a fun enlightening educational and good thing to do try it for a week and see how you do .