Foundation and floor framing video up

Chilly morning 28 . Fired up the stove this morning in the shop so posting this while I wait for it to warm up . The second video is live on you tube. Today we discuss the foundation and floor framing for your tiny house . we see two examples of a foundation . Pier blocks and pressure treated 4×4 beams as runners or skids . Small buildings are light enough to move around and can be skidded or picked up and repositioned with out harm.

about 18 years ago I  had a client that wanted to insulate a small barn style sheds floor after it was built . it was so sturdy I simply pushed it over on it’s side and installed the insulation under the floor framing then rolled back on it’s bottom ;)  . Then I attached a rope to it and drug it across the yard to it’s new location where it was to be a shed turned tiny house for a friend of her’s that needed a place to stay. (Tiny houses have been in back yards for years )


    So here is the video  and so you don’t miss any new videos and post don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and the youtube channel …oh and if you would like others to find this and benefit from it like us on facebook to ;)  Thanks for stopping by

P.S. the next video will have a section on tools you will need to build your tiny house .

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