Beware when buying tiny house plans…

Hello micro housers It has been brought to my attention by several people recently that tiny house plans are being sold online that appear to have complete framing details yet when purchased do not in fact have those details in the set.If you are looking to buy plans for tiny houses and are not a skilled builder or carpenter you will have a lot of difficulty trying to create a framing plan and a materials take off so you know how much and what kind of materials to purchase .

 Any good set of plans should have a bare minimum framing sheets and a materials list with specifications for types of materials .A better set of plans will give cut sheets telling you every cut of every component of the plan .A great set of plans will give you detailed instructions on how to assemble the components and build the entire project.  An excellent set of plans will come with a support system in the form of some sort of help or contact that you can get questions answered about the process as you go.

An exceptional set of plans will have dvds in combination to show you the process and walk you thru the project step by step so you can build with confidence and know that the project has actually been tested and proven .A designer should be willing to offer ongoing technical  support to make sure you are successful with your project . A designer should be offering you a guaranty risk free money back offer if you aren’t satisfied with the quality and detail of the plan.

  So be aware of what you are buying and whether you are getting a set of plans you will actually be able to read and understand a set of plans that has everything you need for your skill level to alow you to successfully complete your project from start to finnish and not leave you in the lurch lacking the details and direction and support to create your dream micro home. Be carefull out there😉

The backup plan .What if plan A isn’t panning out?

So you finished school and went out into the world to work your butt off and create health ,wealth and happiness for yourself. The american dream …get a job start a career and a family.Buy a house and a car or two and start putting money away for the future.Well fast forward a couple of decades and maybe things aren’t where you thought they would be.Maybe it just isn’t looking like you saw it in your head.

Here is where we are today people are trying to retire and worked the last 30 plus years to put away enough to enjoy the( golden years ) They keep telling you about.Now this could be for a lot of reasons layoffs ,cutbacks,divorce,health issues or an accident.Maybe your investments went bust or your house values crashed. Sound  familiar?

So what are you going to do ? maybe you see the writing on the wall down the line a few years for your self and you are looking to course correct now . Sorry if I come off all doom and gloomy but there is an alternative.

Plan B the back up plan .The what if the SHTF ( shit hits the fan) sorry if that offends anyone it is a broad and encompassing phrase that covers a multitude of scenarios from the minor lost my job to the end of the world and every thing in between.So what if? Well you need a fallback plan something that you can count on come what may.

What is that ? What does that look like ? How does that work? I’m glad you asked.;) It looks like a way to live without needing a bunch of money and infrastructure and still keep a standard of living you can be happy with no matter what happens .Some thing you can put in place now so you have the peace of mind that your covered for the future.

What does that take ?well I see the big costs of living today Housing is number one.How much money do you need to live if housing is no longer an issue? the second seems to be transportation gas prices are not going down that is for sure.Then food and healthcare.

Well lets solve the big one housing .Having a micro house built and setting in the back yard is a major piece of insurance in my opinion .It’s the fall back the escape pod the backup plan for the SHTF possibility of the unknown future .What if the power fails or there’s an earthquake or hurricane a blizzard and so on and basic services are interrupted wouldn’t it be nice to go over and get inside your micro house and fire up the heat and lights and be able to cook a meal and not just survive but thrive .

Lets talk about location.Micro houses can be placed in locations that would otherwise be prohibitive to live in either by price or the inability to build in an environment .So you can put it in a backyard or beach front on a lake river ocean pond ect… but the view or amenities are to die for.Who can afford a (million dollar view ) but you can barrow it for little or nothing😉.

You could live in walking distance or biking distance of all your shopping and business needs minimising or eliminating the need for a car.if you park your micro house in an area that has space for a garden then you can produce some of your own food cutting expenses further.

Lastly your health is very important and I want to touch on or bring full circle the backup plan living more simply and deliberately gives you time.Time to prepare your own food from scratch .Time to walk or bike to where you want to go .Time to be outside in the garden working in the fresh air and sunshine.Time to spend with family and a great place to live for a fraction of the cost of traditional lifestyle we have now .All we have is time health and family all we need is food shelter and clothing .If we have these we have more than the majority of the people on the planet . After that everything else is excess and luxury.    This lifestyle by design If you choose it

Well the wildlife like it .

    I shot the photo this morning I guess the local wildlife don’t mind the micro homestead so it’s a good footprint.

in the following pictures I took some angles to get some perspective on size and space .All the walls are in place and I temporarily placed a metal roof on it to keep out the weather. 

I will spend some time in and out of the building to get a feel for the space as I layout the rest of the interior .The bath and kit need some thought as space and function are a premium . I am also still deciding about the height of the roofline in relation to the loft.

I may drop the floor of the loft down a bit for more head room in it .There are plenty of windows to keep a small space feeling big.

I will do a video walk around of the project as it is to give you a look at the space .

 there will be over 1000 cubic feet of space inside the house and  about 152 square ft with the loft .

I’m thinking about a wood stove and a propane heater so I can use wood when I want to save money and have propane so I’m not tethered to feeding the stove day and night.

 Today I will finnish wrapping the walls in house wrap and cut out the door .If I have time I will start the roof frame. put on a workshop the waiting list is half full .If you want on the list just email me at I will let you know about the dates and time and price first before I open it up to everyone else .This will be valuable hands on building experience with a general contractor carpenter live to guide ou and answer your questions . Lots of tip tricks and trade secrets on how to get it right .

Episode 14 the one about the Nailing procedure

Ok hi everyone I was asked by a number of readers if I would do a how to on nailing a wall  frame together.There is a process to that so here is the method I will do a photo commentary of the progress of the micro house project shortly but this video is hot off the press so I wanted  to get it to you.We have four walls now and ready to frame the roof yea! The roof will get us to the point of (dried in ) so we will have a shell and be weather tight. Very exciting as it is winter here in the pacific northwest and cold .

If it was spring or summer and you wanted to you could use it as a hard sided tent and begin living out of it as you finnish the house (for the adventurous types out there😉 this would save you money on living expenses that you could use to pay for materials.The whole thing is an adventure really right! So have fun.I will be doing a video shortly showing you how to save $ 1000.00 of dollars on your project in a very unique and innovative way so stay tuned . you may want to subscribe so you will be the first to get the latest episodes as they come out delivered straight to you and the youtube channel for all the latest action.Oh and don’t forget the face book page by the same name.Here is the video enjoy.

Whats up for 2012 Check it out.

Lots of great stuff coming this year make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out . Here is the latest video update on the micro house project. Let me know what you want to see . I want everyone to have their own micro house this is doable let’s do it together .

3 walls down 1 to go episode 12 is ready

Well one more wall ready and one left. We will soon be standing up walls and getting ready for a roof . The micro house will start taking shape don’t miss the excitement subscribe today .  Build with us and you can have your own personal trainer to help make your micro house a reality .Enjoy the video.

Follow up video to last post episode 11 tiny house dyi build

Hello again micro housers happy new year . here is the video update to the build project number 11 . There is a pop quiz to see if I am doing my job with these videos. so have fun and see you in the next episode.