The $500,000 half a million dollar micro house!!

Yes you read that right .Are you insane !! your probably thinking right now what does a half million dollar micro house look like? Maybe your wondering what the heck are you building it out of precious metal? is this thing the Prada or Gucci bag of tiny houses? Well not exactly.But I will lay claim to that dollar figure as a true and accurate value for the house I’m building. 


Ok so here is the deal It’s not the cost .It’s the savings! If you take a 30 year mortgage that is 360 months and a payment of  $1388 .00 per month and for the sake of argument it includes the principle, interest,taxes and insurance on the house it adds up to $500,000 over the life of the loan.Pretty scarry huh? Well that does not even include any upkeep or maintenance!


There are some other things to consider here in the next 30 years or 360 months are you ever going to refinance or take out a second mortgage maybe one of those handy low interest equity lines to pay for a few dream vacations or toys . Sure could use a boat or a couple of four wheelers .Maybe a big ol R.V. to hang out in on the weekends.Could be your just paying college tuition or a wedding .Point is the loan may never get paid off.


Here is a real life problem. The market crashes and the dang thing isn’t even worth what you owe on it and your stuck upside down as they say.Sound familiar ? Well not so with a tiny house. You pay cash$$ up front and your done .So what is it really worth? $300,$400 ,$500 thousand dollars or more.It’s money in your hand ! Not in the house.Save it and pay cash for all the fun experiences you can now afford not paying a big fat mortgage to the BANK OF FOREVER IN DEBT.

Plus its beach front property where ever you go:) Now wouldn’t it be wise to learn to build your own micro house ? Look at what there worth!!

The roof. Get it done .And the bigger message .Self reliance.

Hello again Micro housers time for more how to .I have been teaching you how to build a tiny house for the last few months but really the bigger picture is learning to be more self-reliant.I think with skills like these you can take back your life and be in control of your time and money .You can almost do away with the largest expense in life housing!


These photos show the detail of the roof framing and sheathing this is a gambrel or barn type roof system .It has more volume of space in it than a gable or A type roof.


It took about 2 hrs to frame a sheath this roof as we had all the components pre cut and ready to assemble.We had to beat the weather after taking off the temporary roof .


Roof shelled in and gable ends still need covered then we can paper in the roof with 30lb felt .That done and we are dried in as a shell .


Here is a shot of the framing looking up from inside spacing is two foot on centers.WE put a row of osb on to lock the frame and steady it before the wind got to it .


Here is a photo showing the difference in an A roof and a barn roof  volume wise there is quite a bit more head space as you can see.


After all the subdeck is installed it is quite strong my son is about 200lbs standing on top no problem for snow loads here.


There is a saying I really like ” The more you know the less you need” I really like that knowing how to build your own house and fix things .Growing your own food or some of it .Ride a bike instead of a car and take back your life. I will continue to teach independent living for the rest of my life.I like empowering others and seeing them live better for it is my soul purpose and I am passionate about it .We will continue to explore ways to become more self reliant on this site and living lightly on the planet .

I have a mission to help 10,ooo people  to live life by their own design. Independent self-reliant lives of their choosing. Owning and building your own home outright is a big step in that direction.











Start living the micro life today

So you want to live in a micro house ? A tiny house? Ever wonder what it really will be like ? Why not start now?What if you start living like you already live the micro lifestyle? Live simply and minimally right now start today.


Here is an experiment live in the same square footage of space as a micro house has only in your current home .You could clear out a room of all but the things that you would have in that house just the furniture and belongings suitable for that lifestyle and daily living.So only the clothes and shoes only the personal items you would use in a space that big .The space could be around 125 150 square ft.


Now that applies to your kitchen use only the space of the counters and cabinets that would be in a tiny house.Next is the fridge just use the same space as a small one that would be in a micro house.Put away everything that doesn’t fit and see how it feels to use and live in that space (no cheating😉 how will you wash your clothes ? how will you shop for food that fits that space and lifestyle?

What will stay and what will go try removing everything first and only allow  what is necessary at first then see if you need more .Mentally move out of your house pack your bags and act like your going to a hotel .There is a bed a dresser a tv a mini fridge microwave a little coffee pot a closet and a bath room.So simple and uncluttered you bring your clothes and a laptop a phone and not much else.Sometimes there is a bar sink and little counter maybe a desk but it probably is as big or bigger than a micro house.


How does that feel? What is left over? Will you or do you miss it?   can you do without it? can you sell it or give it away ? You are now consciously shrinking your foot print on this planet.Your consumtion and waste should radically reduce. As your awareness changes so will your habits .A big and noticeable side effect will be the money left over every week or month. Another side effect is time more of it as there is less to maintain and clean .You may find yourself calmer and happier as there is less to do and worry over .The overwhelm of everyday stuff should dissipate. Maybe you can move to a smaller living space less expensive to live  and maintain.


Or you just might go get a micro house and start living small in a large way .Who knows you just might find yourself!?!