Electrical and wiring how to step by step DVD for micro/tiny houses

Hello Microhousers ,tiny house and small space living enthusiast .I have a new video on you tube and I’m excited to bring you an all new series of how to DVD’s ! I have been getting flooded with request for more information on building micro/tiny houses So I have been working on a series of step by step DVD’s for sale on my new site www.thesupersimplesystems.com the first in the series is on electrical wiring .We will cover the breaker panel wiring outlets and switches.power cords and plugs sizing the system .As well as some theories and terminology like what are volts,amps and watts? what do they do ? The price of the video is less than it would cost for an eletrican to show up for an hour at your house!!   

This DVD is designed for the rest of us who don’t know electrical but want to.Learn the process and save hundreds of dollars .Let me take the mystery out of wiring your house and power cord so you can plug-in to a power source where ever you go from a 50 amp to 20 amp outlet.     I will be creating DVDS for plumbing and gas systems as well in the near future so be sure to sign up on the site for special pricing and offers .Thanks to the over 1500 subscribers to this project in over 65 countrys world wide.Here is the video http://youtu.be/M-D3hS9SzSM

One response to “Electrical and wiring how to step by step DVD for micro/tiny houses

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I am looking for information on wiring 12v. Many RV’s and tiny houses use duel system lighting. I’d like to know how to wire for 12v.

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