Flying by the seat of our pants .

I was siting here trying to make sense of my feelings this morning and convey them to you when it hit me ! I just spent the week flying by the seat of my pants ! It has had a profound affect on both myself and my wife . We took off a week ago last Friday and rode our Harley Davidson fat boy half way across Washington state then headed north up into Canada . We had only one thing on our agenda be in Prince George some 600 miles north for a friends 50Th surprise birthday on Sunday . The funny thing was we have never been up this way and our iPhones that we depend on so much we’re no good up their as we have U.S. coverage and it’s very expensive to use up there. So no Internet and Mapquest or calling . We could send and receive text only . We bought a map book and navigated the old fashioned way ! 

The real lesson came as we rode about an hour at a time from Town to town getting gas and stretching our legs about 300 miles a day pulling in to find a room some where and living out of the small bags that fit on the bike. This came to be the most freeing experience we have had . Here’s what I took . One pair of shorts three shirts 3 underwear 3 socks one pair of blue jeans riding boots , flip flops ,hat , sun glasses ,sweat shirt ,leather jacket and chaps and 2 pair of gloves.  My wife took the same ( a first ) and a small bag of toiletries . For living we took two compact sleeping bags the size of a loaf of bread and a cook set back pack stove and pan one stainless steel nalgene bottle of water , that’s it . 

We got to Prince George on sat about 5 and spent the next nite at our friends mothers house. Then out to the lake after the party to stay water front with new friends in a camper van. Tuesday back to town for a nite at the birthday girls house . We had a bonus soak in the hot tub😉 . The whole time we never really new where we were staying or how long but all our new friends just kept adopting us putting us up and feeding us until we were about to burst ! We did laundry at there homes as we went . Wednesday found us heading east after lots of goodbyes to all our new friends . Where to ? Jasper and Banff provincial parks ! 

We rode all day and saw signs for moose , elk ,deer and bear but no animals to dodge thank goodness . We got in late to the town of jasper just north of the park a beautiful town in a breathtaking mountain setting . It was high season there and all the hotels were full or a few rooms left at $250.00 to $300.00 ea !! We called about 8 places and finally got referred to a private home that rents rooms only $95.00 a nite quiet and unique . 

After breakfast thur it was off two the parks. Jasper and Banff what can I say you have to experience them your self they are truly amazing . Wild country wild animals and unbelievable vistas . You could spend the summer there and only see a fraction of the area . Sadly we only spent 24hours on our way home . We pulled out our map and found an exit near lake Louise ( stunning) and rode toward radium hot springs for the nite . We found some motels near the hot springs and only $85 a nite but we got a $10 discount as bikers $75 that nite ! After riding in and out of rain showers all day we were tired and cold but still in awe of the scenery we just took in bears and all ! Right on the road side ! We stopped 20 feet away to watch them eating berrys. 

Friday morning woke up to pouring rain not what we wanted to start the ride home in . We had coffee got packed and waited an hour before it let up so we took off for cranbrook  15 min down the rode rain for 20 min ! We finally out ran it and stopped For breakfast and more hot coffee to warm us back up . We drove on to creston stopped for gas and rest our butts then over the pass 6000 ft cold clear and amazing views down to the turn south and 10 min later were at the border crossing . Back in familiar territory about an hour from home .

That was yesterday and I find myself wanting to take off again for points unknown it was simple easy and minimal we had every thing we needed on that bike to keep going . So why do we have so much stuff back home!? A room some clothes and a motorcycle was plenty all week !  No extra stuff and we didn’t miss a thing . Sell the house sell the cars and all the stuff and we can take off for good ! Not one or two weeks a year . We were alive out there in the open hot ,cold ,wet, dry smelling the fresh air in the mountains stopping when and where we wanted not a care in the world . I believe it is all about the experiences in life not the stuff. How about you ? 

Exciting news I have been discovered by a major TV program !

Wow I got an email last week from the casting director of a very well-known (it’s the top rated show on the network ) show about being on an episode this season ! They found me on my you tube channel . So I was one the phones and emailing with the casting director getting all my info and photos to them . They had a meeting with the producers and said they loved us ! Now we get all the info together and see what happens next . She said the were looking forward to working with us ! I’m trying not to get to excited just yet but this is the second time I have had a production company contact me in a year. A company that was producing for the discovery channel about a show but it got scraped for some reason. This show is ongoing and they are filming all this month and part of sept. could get kinda crazy around here if it happens .stay tuned.

Trouble in paradise or I’ve only had a half a cup of coffee!

So I woke up to day and as I became aware of my surroundings I heard a noise . Running thru my list of noises I determined it was a muffled Wirr of some form like a fan. I didn’t leave a fan on last nite. So what the hell is making that noise?! I got up and walked to the bathroom . I could hear it in under the toilet so I went out side opened a hatch and there it was ,the water pump running and not stopping ! So after staring at it and banging on it to no avail I went back inside and turned it off at the switch in the kitchen ,fixed! Sort of.

I started this story but I have to tell you another story now earlier this week I set up the trailer and no hot water . Well I fiddled with the tank ( that’s what your supposed to do ) and no hot water .three days of no hot water and my wife said call someone and ask for help.

Ok so I finally called it wasn’t fixin it’s self! Turns out I needed to turn a valve to let the cold water into the tank so it could get hot ! Who new ? Well was redeemed as a fix it guy ,for the moment

Fast forward to this morning and halfway thru my first cup of coffee my wife is trying to take a shower with hot water but no pump ! So I am back outside to fix the next issue I figure we’re out of water ,so I get the hose and connect it to the first inlet I see ( remember only half a cup of coffee ) and back inside to my coffee😉 still no water . So my wife goes into our daughters house to shower and I go back out to battle the water monster! First I crawl under to hook up the sewer line and drain the black and grey tanks ( in that order) maybe that will do it ?

Now that I have the other half of my cup of coffee in me I decide to google water pump problems (that’s what I’ve got) . If the pump keeps running your either ,one out of water or two you have a leak . Okay I don’t think I’m leaking but I have a hose attached to the trailer and the fresh water outlet !?! Upon further inspection the line is firmly attached to the sewer clean out ! I have plenty of fresh water in my turd tank! (sort of) so a quick switch to the fresh tank and viola ! The pump stopped running now there is water for a shower ! For me ! as my wife walks back in the door I proudly announce .

The moral of the story …finish your cup of coffee before fixing the problems in the morning. It’s better that way.;)

395 square feet of living .Thoughts on mortgage free America .

As I sit in my 395 square feet of air conditioned furnished mobile living space I ponder long term living here. At a fraction of the space I am used to living in its very efficient use space just a whole lot less. Can I fit everything in here I want to keep with me? I really feel like the bigger house is a waste of space for us now cost of maintaining and heating as well as payments and taxes insurance . What am I really housing here anyway? A lot of stuff I don’t use daily ,weekly or even monthly. I will save lots of money if I’m in an rv park I can live for $4000 to $5000 a year that’s $10 to $14 dollars a day ! Compared to $55 a day now.not counting repairs.

My new address will be 30 seconds from the beach ! I like that ! There will be lots to do kayaking , sailing,diving,biking , hiking, clamming , fishing campfires on the beach. I could buy a lot about a mile from the water and set up camp more permanently. With a yard and more privacy it would pay for its self in 6 or 7 years. I could spread out more and have some indoor out door living . Now the kids and grand kids can visit easier. Overall I’ll be debt free and my cost of living will be a fraction of what it was leaving me with a lot more time and money in an area I can explore for years to come.Eventually I can build a small cottage ( 400 square feet or so )and keep the r.v. For a guest house.

I am not telling you all this to brag but to show what’s possible if your interested in a Change . Thanks for listening I hope this inspires you to take action for yourself . Get out of the rat race and as always this brought to you from the people for a mortgage free America .