Funding your ultimate life.

10620718_1483908731847828_6184217995353301568_n I wrote this for a closed group on face book called product creation 101.I thought you might be interested. So there is a term for what we do. A couple actually, freelancer and digital nomad. Have laptop can/will travel. that is once you take your skills,knowledge,trade,hobby,passion,unique ability,and offer it up as a product or service you are free to be where ever you chose in the world.
Thousands of people are doing it now and technology is making it easier and easier for tens of thousands more to operate from a coffee shop somewhere out there. you can get cell service in the craziest places now and internet too.
That means we can operate and or check on our sales and fulfillment and bank deposits just about anywhere and anytime we want. We can also access the funds from anywhere. What that means is you don’t need to get a job or a work visa or worry about funding your lifestyle the old fashioned way 9 to 5 punching a time clock for a pay check.
So the question is what can I do to help you get there ? That is assuming that is why you are here. I have for a number of years been building a product line of goods and services that has grown into a serious income for Annissa and I to the point that it now funds our lifestyle and lets us come and go as we please. We left the 9 to 5 gig in our forties and never looked back.
Look we are not any different than you I was a meat cutter in a grocery store and Annissa was a book keeper. What do you want from this group? What is it that will get you over the hump and on your way to living the dream not just dreaming about it?

Any ten year old can wire a house.

Thats right ! It is not that hard.You just need to know the rules.I am going to show you how.Whats stopping you from being mortgage free? The number one thing is knowledge.If you knew how to build your own house it would be the single most profitable thing you could do in your life. The average person in the U.S. spends over $500,000 dollars for housing in there life! You can build a small home on a lot that would house a family of 4 for about $60k or less.That means a couple could save about a $$MILLION on housing ! So whats stopping you? Start learning today.Go here to get your first lession watch this quick video and start saving today.