Guerrilla off grid living.

off grid cabinGUERRILLA OFF GRID in 333 and a 1/3 square feet. are you off grid, on grid or a hybrid ? would you like to be off grid? In some areas you are not allowed to be off grid. So you have to game the system.We were completely off grid this summer While we were waiting to develop our new homesite.If you are prepared for this it works great.
Our cost of living was very low. No power water bill.No sewer or trash bill.We had solar power with a generator as backup. Propane to heat water and cook with.Water from a neighbor to fill our 100 gallon tank.A composting toilet no sewer. Grey water from the sink watered the grass.An outdoor shower did the same.It was glorious! We were free from infrastructure.
Off grid living teaches you to Conserve your resources. You have limited access to water,power,heat ect… We are now partially on grid.We have power but still have off grid water and sewer in the form of a well and septic system.Our power bill is Is about $40 a month right now during winter. Compared to $150 per month where we used to live.
We have continued to be very conservative of our resources over the last 8 months having learned to use less has been great.
We now live in an area prone to storms that can knock out power for a week or longer so we are prepared and used to living with little or no grid available.
The fact is we don’t want to be dependent on the grid so we have taken measures to minimize our use. Propane or wood for heating,lights and cooking . Water storage and backup power from a generator. refrigerated perishable food storage at a minimum. We have an 8 cubic foot fridge.
This year we will plant an edible landscape and garden,raise a few chickens and rabbits finnish our 24×24 ft house. We harvest free firewood from around us summers are cool enough to not need air conditioning. The ocean provides an abundance of food right out our front door. We are plugged into the power grid by law but we use less and less as time goes by. What are your thoughts and plans toward off grid living?